Voices of Hope

An Inspiring Series

Voices of Hope is the eagerly awaited third edition in this remarkable series of inspiring stories. Within these pages, you’ll discover the wisdom, insights, and stories of fifteen authors who have come together to share their unique perspectives on hope. From overcoming adversity to achieving dreams, these engaging speakers offer a diverse range of experiences and expertise that will uplift your spirits and ignite our own sense of hope. Join us on this journey through the power of word and be ready to be inspired by these “Voices of Hope”.

Betsy Clark, Co-Author of Voices of Hope
Voices of Hope

No Moss Grows under This Rock!

The Power of Active Hope

Discover Betsy Clark’s story about the true power of Active Hope.

When your litany of truths don’t line up with your reality, how would you handle the situation? Discover how to find gratitude each day when life throws you a curveball and messes with your future. Betsy Clark explains how to control what you can control and how to let go of what is beyond of your control, so you can take your power back!