As a business owner, I’ve done Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and other personality “type” tests and analysis. While each of those had their place in my professional self-discovery, none has had more impact on me than my Gallup Strengths work with Betsy Clark.

Holy smokes! I’ve been blown away not only by having her identify my top 5 strengths but to work with her 1:1 to go narrow and deep alongside me on these has literally been life changing. And I do not say that lightly.

Betsy has a gift…to communicate well and tease out how you can USE these your strengths in both a personal and professional setting. The Brings and Needs segment of our work together was mind blowing! For example, I was often told in life that I “talk too much” and I took that as a negative about myself. But when Betsy explained one of my strengths – Communication – I could then realize and OWN the positives in that strength. Turns out it’s why I enjoy and dare I say – excel at – public speaking.

If you take the leap to work with Betsy on your transformation and strengths, I am certain you will be blown away, too. And this is knowledge you can take to the bank! Betsy is a rock star!