Integrated Leadership

Be a Leader Worth Following!
Oftentimes we do not consider ourselves a leader.

Our beliefs can run the continuum from “I’m not qualified” to “I am so disillusioned with leadership and power in general, why bother?”

Please pause, question your answers and consider this:

“We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become.”
– David R. Hawkins

This Integrated Leadership program focuses on the non-negotiables of leadership through the lens of what is “right with you”.

The result is, you maximize your potential by stepping into your power and allows you to stand up on the inside to lead effectively and make a difference.

Betsy Clark

The Offer

6 month Masterclass and Mastermind on leadership skills.

Understand your followers’ needs.

1 on 1 coaching with Betsy.

Personalized Leadership Guide.

Training, support and perspective to enhance your leadership mindset.

Learn leadership non-negotiables.

What You Get

Strengths Finders 2.0 Assessment (Top-5 Assessment).

Personalized Leadership Guide.

Foundational 1 on 1 Strengths coaching.

Leadership Branding Exercise.

Juicy sound bites that communicate your brilliance.

Clarity on what you bring and need as a leader to impact your followers.

(2) Individual Development Plan (IDP) based on your Top-5 Strengths.

Teaching and masterminding with the group.

An Accountability Partner.

The Value

  • Get clarity and leverage how to bring out the best in yourself and your followers.
  • 6 months of reframing your mindset.
  • Manage your inner dialogue with strategies and accountability to support your success.
  • Activate your leadership intelligence.
  • Optimize your engagement with more confidence and courage.
  • Understand the power and cutting edge of your strengths to impact your followers and team.
  • A fun and safe environment to learn and grow with the collaborative wisdom of women.
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