Foundational Package

Do you ever wonder why you make certain choices? Why you do what you do? Why do you like certain things?

Get the foundational understandings of your Talent Themes. Utilize them to create consistency and excellence as you learn to leverage your Strengths. This package is the stepping stone to support you to have more confidence, clarity and enthusiasm as you leverage and communicate your uniqueness and value.
Betsy Clark

Learn To

Be true to you.

Be on purpose.

Be unstoppable.

Your perspective is everything!


  • Comparison can derail and erode your confidence.
  • Learn to rebound from self-doubt quickly.
  • Access your inner swagger, you are incomparable!

1 on 1 Strengths Coaching

  • Develop grace; the WD-40 of the soul.
  • Let go of being the “mean girl” to yourself.
  • Learn to love, accept and forgive yourself.


  • Confidence is an inside job.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Trust in your ability to face the day-to-day challenges effectively.

What You Get

Top-5 CliftonStrengths Assessment.

Discover your strengths and access your uniqueness.

Personalized Insight report to guide your Strengths.

In-depth Coaching around your Top-5 Strengths.

Leadership Branding based on your Top-5 Strengths.

Juicy sound bites that communicate your brilliance.

Learn what your power and cutting edge is to your business or team.

Learn how to self-coach going forward.

More confidence and clarity.

So What?

Know what you bring to the table.

Understand what you need to flourish.

Monetize what differentiates you from others in your industry.

The Value

  • Understand not everyone thinks like you do.
  • Leverage your uniqueness.
  • Learn to articulate what you do best.
  • Heighten your engagement at work and in your personal life.
  • Improve the quality of your relationships
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