Imagine Your Life…

Where you are making a difference in the world. Where you boldly go forward, knowing where you are going and what you need to do to get there. Imagine balance in your life, because there’s clarity and direction.

You Can Change

Your transformation starts when you see yourself for the uniquely, beautiful gifted person that you are. Confident in your skills and value, you can conquer the world.

Change Your Mindset

Are you struggling to take the next step due to a lack of confidence, clarity or focus?

Do you need a coach to help you with accountability and consistency?

Reach Your Full Potential

Betsy Clark sees the hidden potential and value in each and every woman. Her skill is to find the richness and hidden gems which allows each client to feel valued and confident in themselves. Her goal is to support each client with what she needs to fully blossom and flourish, confident in her abilities to take the steps she needs to grow.

Making Strengths Shine

Meet Betsy Clark

I do this because I’ve walked your walk. I understand lack of focus, clarity, confidence and being clueless about what the next best step looks like. The beauty is, you don’t have to do this alone! I help you get clear on your goals, leverage your value, and gain confidence with clarity and focus.

Betsy’s Programs

Praise For Betsy Clark

“Coaching with Betsy is a blast. She is an extraordinary coach and a master at explaining your strengths. Betsy ensures you understand the nuances of your strengths and how they show up in your life. You can’t hide or fool her. She is very creative in making sure you see and own your strengths. Wanting only the best for her clients, she meets you where you are and gently nudges you to take the next step; to be more and do more. I did strengths based coaching with Betsy, after a difficult time in my life. Her coaching allowed me to finally own what comes naturally to me and what I do best. Her coaching, encouragement and support is just what I needed to take my next step and re-brand my business.”

~ Kath S. – Coach/Business Owner

“I have coached with Betsy for 3 years and I highly recommend her! She has a unique knack for helping you dig deeper and see the bigger picture. She designs her coaching around the individual’s strengths, helping you become the very best version of yourself!”

~ Amy C. – Business Owner

“I so enjoyed working with Betsy Clark during my coaching process – she has a way of lifting you up and helping you see your positive attributes and focusing on that instead of shortcomings and ‘fixes.’ During our coaching sessions I felt that I had her total attention – I was the focus of Betsy’s time and energy – that is rare in this busy world!”

~ Carol C. – Health and Wellness Coach/Business Owner