Meet Betsy

Leverage Your Brilliance

Women entrepreneurs hire me to be their transformation partner and I help them navigate a benefit mindset that leverages their brilliance to do both life and business well.

About Betsy Clark

My Story

I am a transformation coach and help you navigate what is holding you back.

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My Strengths

I will guide you to re-align your mindset and actions to accomplish what you really want to achieve.

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How I Help

I coach to your strengths, to increase your confidence and to live more courageously. Are you ready?

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My Story

In my mid 20’s I squandered most of my family inheritance. I lost my money, my voice, and my soul in business. I felt alone and deeply ashamed by that phase of life. I became a mother and worked with my husband in our wood finishing business for 30 years. During that time frame I mercifully healed, grew, and evolved as a business woman. I learned from my challenges and mis-steps.

Over 40 years later, I am on a mission to help other women find their voice and develop their businesses with purpose. I guide them to experience more joy, hope, and focus in the process. As a public speaker and coach, I empower women to understand themselves better and to step into inspired action with clarity, focus, and hope. My clients develop leadership skills, skills to communicate more effectively, entrepreneurial best practices, and other essential skills necessary to thrive in business today. Developing your competency is critical to living confidently, and more courageously.

I live in Colorado with my husband and dog. My husband and I travel frequently to play with our grown children and their families.

Frieda and Betsy

My Strengths

I take what seems complex and can simplify it into a nutshell, to create clarity and focus for you.

I am a creative who offers a safe place to learn, practice and grow.

I find joy in collaborating with like-minded women entrepreneurs to create solid and viable solutions.

I know kindness matters. I strive to make you feel known, seen and heard.

I do this because I have walked your walk. I can teach you from my forty years of business experience, operating from my zone of genius to mobilize you into action.

Like you, I am happy to share my expertise to support you, give you perspective to align your mindset and action to accomplish what matters to you.

Our understanding of ourselves and how we think, affects every aspect of our lives.

I invite you:

  • To questions your answers
  • To operate from your Personal Ground Rules™
  • To be open to grow and flourish

I work with you when you are ready to:

  • Invest in yourself and your purpose
  • Love your decisions
  • Be unstoppable

I guide you to move from:

  • Self-doubt to self-confidence
  • Comparison to empowerment
  • Confusion into inspired action

Remember… Your Mindset Matters!!