For the last several weeks, I have noticed a pattern. So for you my favorite purpose driven sisters, it is time to talk about vulnerability. It is an uncomfortable topic, but thankfully for Brené Brown we can talk more openly about it now. As I have pondered what I have been hearing from women recently,  I believe vulnerability is one aspect of leadership that can take you and your business from being average to being exemplary! Sounds risky, doesn’t it? That is the very reason why vulnerability is so attractive when it is used wisely. Brené found that “In order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen, really seen.”

Why vulnerability?

We face so many unique challenges and opportunities, that is a major factor in why transparency and vulnerability can be one of our best secret weapons! Because we juggle so many different roles and expectations, embracing vulnerability is essential for our growth and success in business.

Brené’s research indicates that “Vulnerability is not winning, it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome.”

Authenticity breeds connection:

As women we are natural nurturers and connectors. Think about your closest friends, you had to let your guard down, to risk being seen. If we choose to leverage these innate qualities, we allow ourselves to be more authentic with others. This fosters deeper connection with our team, customers and audiences. This makes us more relatable and less intimidating, which builds trust and loyalty. Ultimately, don’t we want to build stronger relationships that weather the storms of life and business?

Breaking the Perfectionist myth:

Many of us high achievers struggle with shouldering the unrealistic expectations that we need to be perfect! None of us have it all together, all of the time. Perfection is a cruel task master and is an illusion! Perfectionism is a set-up!

"Bee" True 2 You
I choose to focus on being exemplary, meaning to be a positive role model, commendable or noteworthy. This allows for me to be human, “flawsome” (flawed, yet awesome) and be myself. It also allows me to not be pressured to conform to our culture’s unrealistic standards and to embrace my strengths and imperfections!

Empowering other women:

When we show up to be true to who we are, authentically and vulnerably, we serve as an example for other women to do the same.

“We are actually drawn to people who are real and down-to-earth,” Brené Brown

By sharing our stories, struggles and successes we inspire and empower others to step into their own power and pursue their calling fearlessly! Being transparent throughout my cancer journey showed me the value of this. We were never designed to do life alone, together we rise! This principle helped me through more than one “sour hour” as I healed.

Call to action: This article is meant to challenge you to embrace vulnerability as one of your super powers. Step out of your comfort zone, that is the only way to grow. Yes, it is uncomfortable at times, yet stagnating is even more uncomfortable over the long haul. Especially when you KNOW you are meant for more! I implore you to trust your gut, show up more authentically and watch your business connections grow and flourish. Not only will your business grow, but your confidence and sense of wellbeing will flourish as well.

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