The best and most effective leaders get to live on because they forever alter the course of your life.” – Tom Rath

How many of you have a leader you would follow, pretty much anywhere? I have had several leaders in my life who have changed the trajectory of my personal life and my business. They are women and men that are truly worth following.

Leads with GraceBecause they can feel like a rare breed, I want to explain what I believe to look for in a leader, and how you can implement these qualities into your own life and business.

Leaders stay true to who they are, then they make sure they have the right people around them. Ralph Waldo Emerson got it right when he said, “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” Leaders are the kind of people who create other leaders. Leaders let us draft behind them until we begin to cultivate some of the qualities I list below. Look at what the research shows us.

Gallup has a whole model around what I call, the 4 Pillars of Leadership. It is based on being a Leader Worth Following. This came about as the researchers asked over 10,000 people, “What leaders had the most positive influence in your daily life?” A clear picture formed of what these 10,000 followers wanted and needed from the most influential leaders in their lives:

  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Stability
  • Hope


Trust is your bond. It allows people to skip most formalities and immediately jump into what is most important. If you lack trust in a relationship, you must start from zero each time you meet.


I feel the football coach, Sean McVay, stated it the most succinctly. He said, “The simple act of authentically caring for someone IS leadership.


Leaders provide a firm foundation; you know are not standing on shifting sand. The best leaders are the ones you can count on, and they always give you a “true bounce.” This means you are a steady leader who isn’t giving out random or unpredictable information. This consistency creates confidence and security for those who work with you.


This creates stability in the future, something you can look forward to. It provides a surge of expectancy in the moment and gives you something to feel enthusiastic about in the future. Truly, when hope is activated, it has the most impact. It creates resiliency and perseverance. This allows your followers to respond, as opposed to always reacting!

There are countless models for leadership. Just go to a bookstore; you will be inundated with books on leadership. I love how direct the 4 Pillars of Leadership are. I have been using this model in my own life for years.

What continues to impress me is how powerful my clients become when they marry this leadership model with a deep understanding of their strengths.

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