I have spent the last several weeks doing an energy inventory (audit). This practice has been incredibly helpful for me. Last month I shared the 4 questions I ask myself each morning, then I check in with how much energy I do/do not have throughout the day. I track that through the app Win Streak before I turn the light out each night.

Our 3 most valuable resources are; time, energy and money. I wish we talked as much about energy as we do about time and money. My hope is this newsletter will spark you to be more aware of your energy and how to increase it.

1. Who you surround yourself with:

There is a saying you are the sum total of the 5 people you associate with. Look at these 5 main people in your life, do they share similar values that you do? Are they people you respect and admire? Are you challenged by them? Are you growing or stagnating due to this relationship? Is it balanced?

Another way to look at it is, after I have spent time with this person ask yourself, am I drained or resentful that I squandered my time? Or am I energized and better for having been with them? Checking in and tracking your energy after these interactions can help you determine how much time you will spend with them, any boundaries you might need to instill going forward or you are pleased with it being in a mutually beneficial relationship.

2. TV, Social Media and Your Phone:

Being intentional about and monitoring the time you give to TV, social media and your phone will support increasing your energy. Often times we go down a rabbit hole and waste time, which can impact our energy. We get frustrated by our lack of discipline and/or get behind on what really matters because we lost an hour due to mindlessly getting lost in our screens.
I once heard on a podcast that the news is not meant to inform, it is meant to provoke. Upon reflection, I have become very intentional where I get my news from and what I watch on TV . I do not let social media cause me to lose my joy or self-respect due to comparison.

Mum used to ask us to view the act of watching TV through this lens, “Would you invite that person on the screen to dinner at your house?” (Would I really want them in my home? That is essentially what we are agreeing to, by watching them on TV). I still hear her saying that to us as kids, and it helps me discern what I expose myself to on a regular basis.

3. Your Self-Talk:

I earned my coaching certification from Shad Helmstetter in 2010. He was the “go to guy” for Self-Talk when I first started my coaching practice. He got me on track to learn more about mindset and self-talk.

If our friends or family heard how we talk to ourselves in our heads, they would be appalled. We wouldn’t consider talking to another person the way we talk to ourselves. Words matter, that is why the words we use when we talk to ourselves need to be constructive instead of destructive!

My hair is wild when I first wake up in the morning. I look at myself in the mirror and say, “I am all the better for seeing you.” It’s true, it beats the alternative. Plus, it makes me smile because my hair looks like a cross between Lyle Lovett and a tufted titmouse when I first wake up.

4. Complaining:

Complaining and worrying are in essence installing and praying for what we don’t want. Negativity is contagious! It is draining, unhelpful and demotivating!

I have a friend who I can call when I need to vent (code for griping!). I get 3-minutes to vent. Then she asks, “Are you done or do you need one more minute to wrap up? Then we hang up, or we declare venting time is over and we move on. THAT is a good friend. A safe place to get it quickly off my chest/out of my head so I can move on. No coaching, comments or advice ~ just space to let it go and get onto the next best thing.

5. Moving more:

If we don’t use it, we lose it. Stretching, yoga, Pilates, or any other activities that helps us keep full range of motion, is imperative to sustain or increase our energy. After sitting in my office for half a day, I need to get out in the sun, stretch my legs and take my dog around the neighborhood. Two shorter walks works better for me than one long walk so I can keep my mind fresh and my blood going throughout the day.

6. Staying hydrated:

I am a real advocate for staying hydrated throughout the day. I mean water, not sodas, coffee or caffeinated energy drinks. I do drink caffeine, yet I understand it dehydrates me. Because of that, I drink half my body weight in ounces of water.

7. Getting the Sleep You Need:

Most of us have suffered from the effects of not getting a good night’s sleep and borne the consequences the next day.

Research shows that REM sleep facilitates learning and memory which may help to preserve cognitive function as you age. It also restores our minds by helping clear out irrelevant information, so we can think more clearly.

Create a sleep ritual that allows your bedroom to be a place of rest where sleep comes easily. Avoid screentime, intense conversations or conflict at least an hour before lights out.

I highly recommend reading through these energy boosters and see how you can increase your energy and peace of mind throughout your day. It is an audit that has supported me to be more fruitful, on purpose and content!

This is me finishing a Sprint Triathlon.

This is me finishing a Sprint Triathlon.

A great reason to maintain your energy so you can have more fun and make a contribution. :0)

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