According to the Clifton Strengthfinder Assessment, I am very high in Activator®. That means I’m an Action Girl, I mobilize people, ideas and things quickly! I have a tendency to act, leap, and then look. But boy, do I ever get stuff done. Activator® is all about speed, we are characterized as being impatient! If you can relate, tag someone you know!

As I sit writing this, I am recovering from a face plant in the street from a month ago. I have to practice patience letting my concussion (brain sprain) and hand strengthen and heal. Believe me, patience isn’t solely the requirement of toddlers and saints. It is a skill that all of us need to develop and strengthen.

We live in such a fast paced culture, there is little tolerance for delayed gratification. As technology improves, our expectations go up and tolerance for “less than instant” results decreases. This applies in our personal lives and our businesses as well. You haven’t reached your extremely ambitious goals (lose 10 lbs. in one month/hit $100K this quarter). Perhaps you aren’t as far along as you think you should be. Here are some tips to help you simmer down and begin the process of practicing patience.

“Patience is not passive waiting. Patience is active acceptance of the process required to attain your goals and dreams.” Ray Davis

The tips I share below are aimed at supporting this specific definition of patience.

“It is the ability to remain calm when dealing with a difficult or annoying situation, task, or person.” – Kid’s Definition of patience

1. Practice Mindfulness:
Be present in this moment, without judgment!! Simply notice your breath, pay attention to distractions that pull you away from your breath focus, release that distraction and ease back into your breath. 60 seconds of focused breath can calm you and reduce your impatience.

2. If you feel rushed, consciously slow down:
Take a big breath, roll your shoulders/unclench your jaw, smile, and choose to proceed more slowly (even slowing by 5% will help).

3. Actively build tolerance for stretching outside your comfort zone:
Be willing to not act on every impulse. That is why our grandmothers told us to count to 10 before we react! Let people go ahead of you in traffic, hold the door for someone who is going slower than you, let your child tie their own shoe. Look at the greater gain in that moment. You will feel better about yourself.

4. Be a good listener:
Focus on understanding, not waiting for your turn to respond and be understood. Really concentrate on the other person and what they are saying!

5. Practice accepting your present circumstance:
Things are moving too slowly for you, you want things to change and NOW! Consider that the timing might not be right. You might not be able to receive the changes that need to happen, right this moment. Let wisdom prevail and accept where you are right now!

6. Be playful!
Access your inner child and don’t take yourself too seriously or this moment. Lighten up and do something silly.

Remember the reward of patience is patience! BREATHE!

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Enjoy the fall weather! Let the shedding of autumn leaves be a reminder that there are seasons of letting go. The aspens here in Colorado make the process of letting go look so beautiful. How can you let go in a colorful way without a lot of resistance this season? Patiently wait for your answer!

Much love to you!