I just got back from a 5 day trip to Moab with my family, we had a blast! Our annual trip to Moab involves the family participating in the Red-Hot race. The Red Hot is a 33K and 55K race over slick rock with breath taking vistas. Mercifully all of our peeps finished the race. Their commitment to training for this event paid off.

We are approaching the end of Q-1 in 2022. Are you where you had hoped to be two months into the new year? Have you been consistent in the pursuit of your goals? For some of us, life has gotten in the way, radical weather has derailed us, health concerns and loss have slowed our pace. I want to share some tips and strategies to help you get back in the groove if you feel you have gotten off track. To support you to be true 2 you, to live more authentically. To do this according to your Personal Ground Rules™.

“Living an authentic life means your thoughts and actions will be consistent, no matter what happens, because they agree with who you are.” – Vincent H. O’Neil

We are all aware that consistency is the key to success or accomplishment in life, and yet sometimes it is squirrely to master. Change and personal development leading to mastery requires us to be consistent. So how do we decide to stay consistent with being consistent?

TIP #1: Make a commitment to be and remain consistent:
Declare out loud daily (it may be multiple times during a day) “I am committed to remaining consistent each day in my goal. I am doing this!” Make sure the statement you use is in the present tense. This causes your subconscious mind to act now, not later. To get your desired results, consistent action requires consistent thinking. Specifically, that you are and will remain committed to your goals.

TIP #2: Be present:
The only time you have is right now! Later on, next week, next quarter are only a concept. It is always today! Tomorrow never comes, right now is what you have. Being and staying present alleviates the overwhelm and anxiety around thinking, “I have to be disciplined and consistent all day, week or all quarter.” An effective reframe is; “I am being intentional, disciplined or consistent in this moment. Right now is what I need to pay attention to.” Eckhart Tolle has a quote that keeps me present: “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.” Be in the NOW.

TIP #3: Have a plan and be prepared:
This means having a strategy worked out before hand to accomplish your desired objective: There is security having a strategy in place so you don’t have to be thinking about all of the “what ifs”. Your plan directs your actions, thoughts, effort and time effectively. Because you have set this up intentionally, it aligns with your goals, values and helps you express life authentically. Preparation is consistency’s kissing cousin and supports being emotionally invested in making it come to pass.

TIP #4: Remember many of your feelings and thoughts are fleeting and subjective.
I love to tell my clients, “don’t believe everything you think.” In the moment some of our thoughts can feel very powerful and true. Yet in an hour or so maybe not so much. Don’t let temporary illusions of not enough, overwhelm, worry, or insecurity derail you from your plan and objectives. In moments like these, remember the old Nike slogan, Just DO it! It is critical you push through the discomfort or that moment. Don’t overthink it, JUST DO IT! Execute. Pick up the phone, go workout, eat the healthier option, or make the time for that pressing task before the end of the day. Remind yourself the value of being consistent and the power of accomplishing this step towards a bigger goal. It will be worth it.

TIP #5: Create accountability:
Find an accountability partner who will hold you to your commitment to be consistent. Make sure there are rewards and consequences for what you commit to. It is easy to ask a friend who loves you yet they may cave rather than holding you to your word and goals.

Another tactic that can support you is to have an accountability journal Here is a link for a copy of my Accountability Journal. It has several exercises that might help you in staying consistent: coach2strengths.com/accountability-journal

If staying consistent feels lonely or overwhelming, I invite you to join our Circle of Trust community. We are a group of likeminded women who want to make an impact and know we need one another. It is a safe place to be real, learn and grow. Click on this link to join.

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I am so grateful for you, may you have a fabulous month!!