We are in the midst of lots of festivities and celebrations, what a wonderful time of year!

There is also, for some of us, the reality that there is a lot of scurrying around and high expectations. It can be a time that taxes our resources. The temptation is to dig deep and “do it all”…. Code for, there is something wrong with me if I don’t. And/or, I am not really in the spirit of the season! I am too maxed out.

Here is a worthwhile resource that will help you calm the “inner critic”, you know the voice who can drive us to chase unrealistic expectations and forget about our boundaries. This resource can support us so that we are taking care of ourselves. Translated, it means we can enjoy the holidays, our family and friends and steep in the celebrations. I had the pleasure of reading this wonderful book a few years ago by Susan Henkels called, What If There Is Nothing Wrong with You? I connected with Susan in Sedona in October and I got to sit with her wisdom all over again. I recommend getting this book. It is a fast read and is interspersed with her paintings throughout.

What if, you got a new perspective of moving from asking yourself, what’s WRONG with me? To allow yourself to consider a more self-accepting viewpoint of leading with what’s RIGHT with me! Giving yourself the benefit of the doubt, with a heaping dose of grace. The result, as Susan reminds us, leads to a more productive and fulfilling life. Would being more present, engaged and up leveling your self-trust, be a shift for you from holidays in the past?

You are marvelous! You are worth extending grace to, allowing time and space for self-care and self-acceptance throughout the next several weeks. If you want me to send you some Grace Cards™, click on this link: https://www.betsyclarkllc.com/grace-card/. I will pop some in the mail so you can strategically place them around your home and office. This will remind you that grace is given freely and is a powerful exercise in self-acceptance and forgiveness. Susan Henkels has compelling insights on forgiveness, another reason to treat yourself to this gem of a book.


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