Be a Leader Worth Following!

Transform the Way You Lead Your Life

Do you know you were meant for bigger things and would like to lead a more impactful life? What if I told you that you ARE a leader and that by embracing your inherent strengths, you can transform the way you lead your business and your life.

Hi! I’m Betsy Clark, your Transformation Coach

My superpower is transformational coaching to reframe your thinking, so that you thrive and are unstoppably on-purpose in order to access resources you don’t even know you have!

Betsy Clark
Betsy Clark

You Are Unique!

You are unique and so are your offerings, your gifts, and your brilliance. It’s time to recognize and embrace this fact.

As your Transformation Partner, I’m here to walk with you as you see yourself for who you are. So that you rewrite your inner dialogue and story as you live more confidently and courageously. I want to walk with you to live a life intentionally in an integrated fashion with harnessed power that allows you to live life more fully and vibrantly.

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How to Work with Me

Foundational Package

Discover the foundational understandings to your perspectives. Learn why you make certain choices, like the things you like, and do what you do.

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1 on 1 Strengths Coaching

Learn what you’re good at doing, and leverage that in ways that cause you to harness your true potential. Step into your excellence.

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Integrated Leadership

Discover the non-negotiables of leadership and become a leader worth following. Step into your power.

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Be True 2 You!

It’s not about “reinventing yourself”, you’re already a great you! Live by your personal ground rules.

As Shakespeare said, “to thine own self be true”. I say, grab hold of what matters to you and hold yourself accountable in ways that move you forward.

I want the Be True 2 You Accountability Journal!

Betsy Clark

Transform Your Life. Transform Your Business!

Supportive, courageous and curious.

Step outside your comfort zone into a safe, supported environment.

Attain mind-monkey mastery and live out your potential.

It’s a safe, hope-focused space for you to learn and grow.

To have fun, love and accept who you are.

“Be yourself! Everyone else is taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Find your voice and not lose your soul in business.

Stay true to your inner compass that guides you through life.

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Your Strengths are Part of Your DNA.

Embrace your inner strength, it’s who you are. Your strengths, your brilliance, your gifts are with you wherever you go and are inherently part of who you are. The problem is you don’t always see what’s right there in front of you.

You don’t know the way the room changes when you walk into it – or how it changes when you leave.

It’s hard for you to appreciate your own value when it’s all you know. You think everyone else is like you, has similar qualities and strengths – but they do not.

It’s not about “re-inventing yourself”!

You’re already a great you! Reframing your mindset allows you to rediscover and RE-INVEST in yourself. You don’t need to be “fixed”. Live by your personal ground rules.

As Shakespeare said, “to thine own self be true”. I say, get really clear on what matters to you, access your inner swagger, hold yourself accountable, and pursue your purpose with gusto.

Your mindset matters!

Betsy Clark

The Key to Transformation is Leaning into Your Strengths

How can a strengths-based perspective change your life?

Strength Based Developments Infographic Chart
Everyone has strengths, the unique combination of talents, knowledge and skills that help them do what they do best every day.  Our greatest talents do more than make us unique individuals, they also serve as our best opportunities for excellence. The KEY to personal development is to focus on our dominant strengths. This is the lens or filter through which you see yourself, others and the world. Your dominant strengths influence how you interact with the world and the people in it. This approach also supports you to find ways to manage or work around your lesser talents/strengths.

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